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Help - VIQ Dashboard

The VIQ dashboard is a very important area of the organisation dashboard. On the left hand side, links are provided for you to browse your organisation’s VIQs. On the right hand side, an update of how many credits you have purchased, used and have remaining is listed. Links are also provided to buy more VIQ credits and view your organisation wide VIQ Analysis Report.

Incomplete VIQs have not had all their answers completed. You might want to contact the people who have not completed their VIQ and encourage them to login with their email address and password (assigned when they first started their VIQ) to automatically resume and finish their questionnaire.

Unconfirmed VIQs require action from an organisation administrator. These VIQs have been finished, but need someone from your organisation to click confirm on the Unconfirmed VIQs list, to manually approve the VIQ and allow reports to be generated.

Confirmed VIQs have been finished and confirmed, and are ready for reports to be generated and printed off.

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