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For this document, it is important to define who are the parties referred to might be. "We," us", Crossways Consulting or Darryl Cross or MyFutureCareer is hereto referred to as the "company". "You," "customer or "client" means anyone to whom we supply a service to.

What is a service? A "service" means any goods or service that we offer or supply.

Information obtained from you is collected so that we can provide you with goods ordered or materials sourced as well as being collected for the precursor to any coaching program that you might have selected. The information is also collected so as to provide you with an up to date program of promotions/discounts that may be offering and to assist in our marketing. This information will also help us to improve our products and our service to you.

We promise that we will not sell any of the information that you share with us to any other unrelated company. 

The personal information that the company collects from you is strictly confidential. From time to time, it will be necessary for the company to disclose this information to:

The company will take reasonable steps to ensure that any personal information disclosed to a third party is protected by that party in accordance with the Privacy Act. By entering and/or providing information online, you give your consent to be legally bound by the current Privacy Policy.

You may ask for any information that the company may have collected from you to be corrected or updated or removed from the company's records at any time. You can also access any information that the company holds about you at any time.  In addition, in situations where you provide information of a third party to the company, it is your responsibility to obtain consent from the third party to do so.

The company accepts no liability for disclosure of information due to unauthorised acts of third parties or errors in transmission. The company reserves the rights to amend the current Privacy Policy.

Whilst confidentiality is assured, it needs to be understood that such can be limited by the technology. Security limitations include system breakdown, authorised (e.g., Internet service provider system administrator) and unauthorised persons potentially viewing messages, and the potential access of deleted messages where back-up records have been made.
It also needs to be understood that in relation to the limits of confidentiality, any communication on the Internet has the potential to be intercepted. In the matter of online psychological testing, you need to be informed of the risk of sending personal or sensitive information through the Internet.

Furthermore, according to Australian law, any psychologist's records, including e-mail communications can be subpoenaed.

It is important to also understand that some problems are less suitable than face-to-face sessions for on-line psychological counselling. Such issues may include psychiatric disorders that involve distortions of reality, suicide, sexual abuse, and violent relationships. Any condition that poses a serious risk to you as the client or to others and which cannot be managed appropriately via the Internet is referred for face-to-face treatment as necessary.

Where clients are considered to be a danger to themselves or others, we may disclose minimal information as necessary to avert risk and furthermore, anonymous clients need to be advised that where there is potential harm to the client or to others, we may seek to establish their identity or notify appropriate services to avert risk.

Information posted February 2010.