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Australia's first career guidance report... and still the best!

Proven Results | 100,000+ Students | 'Good Careers Guide' Compatible | Cost Effective | Headache Free
Delivered by clinical & organizational psychologist and careers coach, Dr. Darryl Cross

Cost Effective

Only pay a low fee for each student tested. No minimums. No setup, support or maintenance fees. Save money with the VIQ.

Headache Free

Web based. No software to install and manage. Only takes 15 minutes to setup and learn how to use. Plus unlimited customer support and friendly hand holding!

'Good Careers Guide' Friendly

Dovetails with 'The Good Careers Guide' and its 7 interest categories making further research and planning more practical and easy.

More Accurate

Scientifically proven to provide more reliable career guidance by focusing on interests (not skills) and providing clear guidance on next steps.

What Is The VIQ?

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The Vocational Interest Questionnaire (VIQ) is a work interests test used for career guidance for adolescents in particular, in Australian high schools.

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VIQ Key Features

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The Vocational Interest Questionnaire (VIQ) has a number of important features that makes it easy to use for both schools and organisations alike.

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VIQ Report Structure

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It's 15 pages. Provides an Interest Profile across the 7 main areas of work interest + explanation, Jobs Recommendations & Career Action Plan.

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Why Work Interests?

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The question is often asked by career counsellors as to WHY we would test in vocational interests as a first step in the career guidance process.

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The VIQ is Tested and Proven to Work

The Vocational Interest Questionnaire is scientifically tested and based on real research. Click the links below to read more about the test.

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Trifold Brochure

To read more about the VIQ and find out why the VIQ is suitable for your School, download the brochure by clicking the link below.

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