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Help - How do my students or clients do the VVQ?

If you have enabled the VVQ, your students or clients will be automatically invited to start the VVQ after they finish the VIQ. They must do the VIQ first via the normal process. As you can see from the picture below, once they finish the VIQ there is a green “Start the VVQ” button, which they should click to start the VVQ process. The next page has further instructions as shown below.

On the next page the following instructions are shown to your students

What a person considers worthwhile and rewarding in work influences both his/her personal and career development as well as career choice.

This test therefore looks at the kinds of work attitudes or values that a person holds in relation to different aspects of work (eg., secure work, creative work etc.). In other words, it examines the kinds of features that are important to a person within a job regardless of what kind of actual work that might be.


Listed on the next page are a range of items that people often look for in a job that might be considered how important each might be to you by using the following rating scale:

- Not at all important
- Slightly important
- Somewhat important
- Moderately Important
- Very Important
- Extremely Important

On the next page, select from the drop down menu next to each item how important you believe each item is for you in relation to a job. If you make a mistake, you can select from the menu again.

Please note that it does not matter whether you have previously worked or whether you are currently working. What is the focus here are the kinds of things that you might look for in a job.

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. People's answers might be quite different. Do not be influenced by other people's thoughts or opinions -- put down what you really think.

After clicking continue on the instructions, they are presented with 56 items to which they need to select how important they are.

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